Danny Bill

 September 30, 2023

Happy 52nd birthday brother Dan! Lots of folks thinking about you today. Lori and Paul had beers at McSoreleys in you honor last week. Not as many beers as you would have had but a nice tribute. I was cursing your name while getting two crowns put in. You and I always thought we were so tricky getting our tooth brushes wet but not actually scrubbing our teeth. Payback for me. You'd probably have  5 crowns by now. Anyway, lots of great events in the family this year and not one goes by without us thinking about you, cheering to you and telling outrageous stories. We miss you and love you buddy!


51 Years

 September 30, 2022

Happy birthday to our long lost, but not forgotten brother. Another year ticked by with many happy Howard events including baby Julian joining the ever expanding family! We also had another great Thanksgiving, an Italian adventure that Pam and Mara joined in on and a budding Eagles team that you would love, hate, love.

Mara is incredibly, off to college at 18 years old and loving life at Maryland. We miss you as always and have you with us everywhere we go and in everything we do. Love you brother!


Happy 50th Birthday Dan Howard

We always try to celebrate you on your birthday and not on the anniversary of your passing in December. It feels like a more positive time for us to stop and reflect on you. However, on this, what would have been your 50th birthday, we're left with a bit more longing and sadness than usual. 

We're left to wonder what you would have arranged for this big day. A drink fest? A Brigantine reunion? A get away with Pam? A Flyers game with Pam, Mara and the other little ones you would have gifted us? 

Just another reminder for all of us to treasure these things when they come our way. 

As usual, lots going on with the Howards and mostly positive with some great gatherings despite the pandemic, Mara looking at colleges, baby Cecilia joining us, Pam killing it at work and Philly sports teams killing us. Wish you were here to join in!

Anyway, even 15 years after your passing, we still love you, we honor you and we miss you every day. 

Happy Birthday Little Brother

September 30, 2020

Happy 49th birthday brother Dan! We miss you like crazy and wish we had you here with us. Your dry humor and quick wit would have had plenty of ammunition with the ridiculous year we've been having. We managed to salvage a few Howard get togethers as a family despite all that 2020 has wrought. We even got Pam and Mara out on the rapids of the Middle Fork in Idaho where they thrived at every challenge the wilderness and the river could muster. 

Mara is an incredible kid and just got a hand me down car! Got me thinking about your silver Audi, you (and me) crashing the Daytona and our yellow station wagon. Hope Mara has more sense around cars than we ever did!

We love you and miss you every day, little brother. 


September Birthday

September 30, 2019

Happy birthday to Brother Dan.

We had a heck of a year with Kelly and Ani both getting married, our usual Thanksgiving revelry and various other gatherings and Howard events. We honored you and missed you at every one of those and continue to miss you every day. The new additions Mark, Greg and James are representing at McSorelys big time except for James who I'm guessing will be in charge about 25 years from now. We miss you big guy!

Happy Birthday Dan

Happy 47th birthday brother Dan! Wish you were here to celebrate together but there are lots of people thinking about you today. It's the first year since you were born that we could say the Eagles are Champs! You would have loved every second of the season, the Super Bowl and Philly Special!

Incredibly, Mara is now in High School and the rest of the cousins are doing great. It will be another big year with weddings, new babies and other cool stuff. You're in own thoughts every step of the way. We miss you brother Dan!!

Another Very Howard Year

September 30, 2017 

Hi Danny Bill! The Howard's had a great year with a get together in Bend, McSorely's in NYC and a bunch of other drop in visits along the way. The cousins are bursting with activity ranging from the first day of college for Eliza to the first sleep over for Hannah. They all really take great care of each other.

None of your beloved (loathed?) Philly sports team are any good. They all missed the playoffs and stunk it up good last year. Some traditional Philly hope for all of them right now but you might have disowned 2 or 3 of them by this time.... 

It's the 11th birthday of yours we're spending without you. At times it feels like more and at others it feels like we just lost you. Mara is growing into such an amazing person, singing, loving Hamilton, even mountain biking for the first time! We're all watching over her and we love you and miss you!

Happy Birthday Dan Howard!

September 30, 2016

It's been almost 10 years since we lost you brother Dan and our love for you has only grown. Your beloved Pam and Mara are doing great. Mara does such a great job with her little cousins and is so cool to be around. At Kate's wedding she owned the dance floor, at school she's killing it and she happily reminds us of you constantly. Pam is showing her the way and the world with great trips to new spots every year.

You'd love Philly right now as the Eagles are actually good and fun to watch. We didn't expect much so every win feels kinda like pure joy. The Flyers are on their way up. We won't mention the Phils or the Sixers.

You'll also be happy to know that our Howard McSorely's tradition is going strong with Kate and Kelly providing some new energy and promising drinking power. We also gather the whole crew for UMHS every year at Thanksgiving and raise a glass to you whenever we have the chance.

We wish you were here brother. We all love you very much.

Wish You Were Here

Happy 44th birthday Dan! The Howards and our friends had a really great year that only could have been better with you providing your commentary and dry humor. No surprise the Eagles stink, the Phillies stink, the Sixers stink and your beloved Flyers? Well, they have a shot.

We had a great Howard family trip to Mexico in May and an amazing Bat Mitzvah for Joise. Check out that picture with Mara front and center as always! She is such a great kid, you'd be very proud of how smart she is and how great she gets along with her cousins. We miss you!

Happy 43rd Danny Bill

Happy Birthday Dan! I just had lunch in Dallas and the waiter had a Dallas Cowboys jersey on. I was thinking about how much you would have hated that lunch. Anyway, we've had a great year with a Howard family trip to Mexico with Pam, Mara and the NJ Howards in the middle of it. We just booked a trip to Sayulita Mexico for this year. It's an emerging tradition you would love and we wish so much that you were here to enjoy it with us. Since you can't be here, we talk about you often and we make sure Mara knows all your stories. She's starting to tell us stories about you now! That's the way it should be. We love you Dan and miss you every day.

Happy Birthday Danny Bill

September 30, 2013

Happy 42nd birthday brother Dan! The Howard family had a great year but it would have been even better with you cracking jokes and passing around the Yeungling. We all miss you so much but get to feel your presence through the many stories about you and of course, through Pam and Mara. We'll be  hoisting a beer for you and hope you're doing the same!

Love the Howards

September 30th, 2012

Happy 41st birthday brother Dan! An amazing day for the Howards as we had a surprising addition to the family as Hannah Marie joined Jim and Susie last night. Another niece for you and another cousin for Mara. Mara is doing great and following in your footsteps: she's tall, she runs cross country and she's scary smart.

We miss you Dan and wish you were here but we're all making sure to include you in our thoughts and tell your stories. You're right here with us and we love you!

September 30th, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday Dan! For a few minutes we had you back this morning. I stopped for coffee and when they asked for my name, I told them my name was Dan. I do this every day to make sure you're with me as often as possible. This moring the guy at Starbucks said, 'Dan - that's my name too!' Then, out of nowhere I said - "it's my birthday, my 40th." We talked for awhile and when he asked if I had any special plans I told him I'm sure my wife and daughter have something planned. I was channeling you for a few minutes!

I wish that really was you at Starbucks this morning. We all miss you and love you and think of you often. Here's a couple of pictures of your amazing daughter and your freinds and family and the annual event that Pam does such a great job putting together in your honor. We love you brother Dan!

September 30, 2010

Happy 39th birthday brother Dan! Check out all the young cousins hanging out together. They all really love each other and have endless fun hanging out. Mara is a great role model for the San Francisco Howards and owns her school like no other. Ginger and Lucy are growing up with frequent stories about Uncle Dan and the Howard family. We wish you were here to tell the stories yourself. We miss you more than ever and think about you every day.
September 30, 2009

Happy 38th birthday Brother Dan! You should be so proud of Mara and Pam. Mara is an amazing kid and already started school (that picture is Mara waiting for the school bus on her first day). Pam is doing a great, great job as a single Mom and she keeps you alive in Mara with stories and traditions. We all miss you so much it's hard describe. We wish you were here with us but we are also so thankful for the time we had together. Happy Birthday.
September 30, 2008

Happy 37th Birthday Dan. We are all thinking of you and wishing you were still here with us. You still have the knack of getting us all together. The High School crowd gathered at Masons Mill for a get together in honor of your birthday and Mara had a Princess Party for her 4th birthday last week.

Pam organized a great event on June 28th. Team Howard, with 93 members, was the largest team involved in Running for Cover(http://www.foundationformelanomaresearch.org/index.php), a walk/run to benefit Melanoma research held at the Wachovia Center. The team raised over $3000. Kelly won first place in the run for her age group and the team celebrated afterwards at McFadden's at the Phillies stadium just like you used to.

We miss you so much Dan. We'll be thinking of you and wishing you were here even more than usual today.

Update - December 2007

Dan, it's been a year since we lost you. We miss you more than ever and will feel our loss especially deeply over the holidays. Pam and Mara have moved into a great house in Blue Bell that you must have had a hand in selecting as it's perfect for them. Just another example of how you continue to watch over your family in many ways. Mara is now three years old and is enjoying her new purple bedroom and the yard in the back. Her blue eyes provide us all with a warm reminder of you every day.

Your friends, family and co-workers have demonstrated amazing loyalty by supporting the Mara Howard Fund and by going to the doctor to have their moles checked out. At least 11 people have had moles removed with at least five people catching melanoma in the early stages. One of your greatest legacies is that you provided the most powerful reminder for all of us to watch out for Melanoma going forward.

Dan, thanks for making all of our lives richer while you were here and for the great memories we have of time spent together. We miss you.

UPDATE - December 9th, 2006

Thanks to all that attended Dan's service. Over 400 people attended with most staying on to enjoy the celebration that followed. Pam and the family felt the love and Dan would have been proud.

To view Dan's Eulogy go to the following link:


To view the pictures from the Memorial Service go here:

UPDATE - December 6th 2006

On Saturday December 9th at 1 pm we will be having a memorial service for Dan at the Julia Ball Auditorium at Gwynedd Mercy College on Sumneytown Pike followed by a more festive celebration of Dan's life at The Drafting Room, 900 Bethlehem Pike, Spring House, PA 19477. Pam attended Gwynedd Mercy High School and The Drafting Room was one of Dan's favorite hang outs.

Directions to Gwynedd Mercy: http://www.gmc.edu/admissions/directions.htm
Gwynedd Mercy Campus Map: http://www.gmc.edu/admissions/map.html

The Drafting Room Website and Directions: http://www.draftingroom.com/spring_house/sh_home.html

There will be a private ceremony to bury Dan at White Marsh Cemetery on Friday for the immediate family. White Marsh Cemetery is just down the road from the location of Dan and Pam's first date.

UPDATE - December 5th 2006

We're very sad to provide this update on Dan. After a two year battle with cancer, Dan passed away early this morning. Pam was by his side and the family was gathered around while a parade of well wishers came by to provide support. The family laughed and cried while sharing stories about Dan and his wonderful but all too short life.

We'll be providing an update on funeral arrangements here as soon as they are available. In the meantime, leave a comment at the bottom of the page for Pam and Mara to enjoy.


Dan Howard is a 35 year old from Meadowbrook, Pa. He was born and raised in suburban Philadelphia and married his long-time sweetheart, Pam, in 2001. Dan is a Senior Manager in the Philadelphia office of Accenture where he works in the Pharmaceutical practice. He has four brothers: Jim, Jamie, Dave and Rob and one sister: Anne.

Mara is Dan and Pam's daughter who was born in 2004. She is full of energy, shares Dan's bright blue eyes and is universally recognized as giving the best hugs ever.