Happy 50th Birthday Dan Howard

We always try to celebrate you on your birthday and not on the anniversary of your passing in December. It feels like a more positive time for us to stop and reflect on you. However, on this, what would have been your 50th birthday, we're left with a bit more longing and sadness than usual. 

We're left to wonder what you would have arranged for this big day. A drink fest? A Brigantine reunion? A get away with Pam? A Flyers game with Pam, Mara and the other little ones you would have gifted us? 

Just another reminder for all of us to treasure these things when they come our way. 

As usual, lots going on with the Howards and mostly positive with some great gatherings despite the pandemic, Mara looking at colleges, baby Cecilia joining us, Pam killing it at work and Philly sports teams killing us. Wish you were here to join in!

Anyway, even 15 years after your passing, we still love you, we honor you and we miss you every day. 

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Unknown said...

Happy 50 Danny Bill. As you wish!