Another Very Howard Year

September 30, 2017 

Hi Danny Bill! The Howard's had a great year with a get together in Bend, McSorely's in NYC and a bunch of other drop in visits along the way. The cousins are bursting with activity ranging from the first day of college for Eliza to the first sleep over for Hannah. They all really take great care of each other.

None of your beloved (loathed?) Philly sports team are any good. They all missed the playoffs and stunk it up good last year. Some traditional Philly hope for all of them right now but you might have disowned 2 or 3 of them by this time.... 

It's the 11th birthday of yours we're spending without you. At times it feels like more and at others it feels like we just lost you. Mara is growing into such an amazing person, singing, loving Hamilton, even mountain biking for the first time! We're all watching over her and we love you and miss you!

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