September 30th, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday Dan! For a few minutes we had you back this morning. I stopped for coffee and when they asked for my name, I told them my name was Dan. I do this every day to make sure you're with me as often as possible. This moring the guy at Starbucks said, 'Dan - that's my name too!' Then, out of nowhere I said - "it's my birthday, my 40th." We talked for awhile and when he asked if I had any special plans I told him I'm sure my wife and daughter have something planned. I was channeling you for a few minutes!

I wish that really was you at Starbucks this morning. We all miss you and love you and think of you often. Here's a couple of pictures of your amazing daughter and your freinds and family and the annual event that Pam does such a great job putting together in your honor. We love you brother Dan!

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